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Suresh Kumar Chihikara is an educated, sincere, hard working and patriotic young man who is a positive asset to our society. He is well qualified having done B.Sc., B.Ed. M.Sc., M.Phil. and C.C. in German and Punjabi. He was teaching in a college on temporary basis awaiting confirmation from the Vice Chancellor. Having all the required qualifications and the experiences, he was confident of getting the job. However, to his utter dismay and shock, without any explanation his services were terminated. This resulted in his losing his mental balance. He does not remember how he left his house. It was most fortunate that a kindly soul brought him to the Pingalwara where he has made a complete recovery. He joins the main stream of life with renewed hope of a bright opportunities.

Not wanted……

Nimi is a six years old beautiful girl. Unfortunately, she was bom a bit retarded. She lost her father when she was only 3 years old. Nimi’s mother Prema got married again to Partap and that is where Nimi’s troubles started. Partap started harassing Prema to get rid of the child. However, Prema was extremely devoted to the child and could never dream of parting with her but her every day life was made miserable by Partap and his parents. The day arrived when she starting losing her mental balance. Nimi’s parents were extremely worried and after due thought decided to put the child in Pingalwara’s care. Nimi is in very good health and growing up to be a lovely person.

There are scores of such cases in Pingalwara.

The main sources of these cases are:

(a) Ill treatment of the old parents by their children.

(b) Torture by the husband and in-laws resulting in the wife becoming a mental wreck

(c) Failure of the parents to provide timely and required medical aid to their children.

(d) Children born out of wedlock.

(e) Parents unwilling to look after handicapped children.

(f) Moral turpitude of the parents resulting in a broken family.

(g) Failure to get social justice.

(h) Unwillingness of the members of a family to carry out their moral obligations.

(j) Extreme poverty.

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