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A nations’ strength is not found in its treasury statement. It lies instead in the character of its people, in their willingness to sacrifice leisure, comfort and a share of their talents for the welfare of their nation. The family is the basic unit of our society, it is there that the responsibility begins. Today with the materialistic outlook which our society has acquired,

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Home of Hope’s Visit to Deaf School of Pingalwara

Home of Hope’s Visit to Deaf School of Pingalwara

How Nilima Sabhawal Chairperson of Home of Hope (HOH) feels about Deaf School of Pingalwara A lot lot of kids are now coming to PINGALWARA, who have multiple disabilities, including Mental Retardation . These kids were abused by their parents because they thought it... read more
House of Refuge: Amritsar’s Pingalwara

House of Refuge: Amritsar’s Pingalwara

The Pingalwara Charitable Society in Amritsar, Punjab, commonly known as Pingalwara, needs no introduction. The institution – a shelter for mentally challenged, handicapped, diseased, old age persons and the destitute — is known all over the globe for the... read more

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